Serena Polyester Light Filtering Roller Shades

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Used in homes for generations, Roller shades are a traditional choice. First Rate Blinds offers nine modern color options along with a multitude of features, upgrades, and add-ons. Our Serena Roller Shades can be customized to outfit your home and compliment your own unique style. The Serena Roller Shades are made with 100% polyester, but has a soft satin texture. These shades are vibrant and modern, but affordable for any budget!

Customize these shades with your choice of several hem types and hembar styles. These fabric roller shades will give your home an instant infusion of style and elegance, all within your budget.


  • Woven Fabric with a dressy antique satin texture. 100% Polyester with 1 pass acrylic thermalflock foam
  • Fabric is white to the street for a uniform look
  • Light filtering, allowing some light into your room, yet providing privacy. Darker colors become more room darkening
  • Choose Stainless Steel Chain or White Beaded Chain


  • Decorative Hem Bar and Fabric Wrapped Hem Bar options are available
  • Cassette option is available


  • Minimum width: 14"
  • Maximum width: 103"
  • Minimum height: 12"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • 100% polyester with 1 pass acrylic thermal flock foam
  • White fabric to face outside of home 
  • Light colors are very light filtering, while deeper tones are more room darkening
  • Standard Roller Shade deduction: 1/4 inch, light gap is 9/16 inch per side. With Cassette option, deduction is 1/4 inch with light gap of 11/16 inch per side
  • Depth required: Minimum of 2 1/4 inch for standard roller shade, 2 5/8 inch with Cassette option. Flush Mount is 3 inches for Standard Shade and 3 1/4 inches for Cassette option
  • Chain Loop Length: Up to 36 inches in length, chain will be 24 inches. 36 1/8 inches to 54 inches in length, chain is 36 inches. 54 1/8 inch to 72 inches in length, chain is 48 inches. 72 1/8 inches to 90 inches in length, chain is 60 inches long. 90 1/8 inches to 120 inches in length, chain is 72 inches
  • Shades ordered over 73 inches wide will be cc-loop only and the fabric will be railroaded
  • Wider than 73” and longer than 60” will be seamed. If shade is over 75” high we cut it at 55” high and that is where the seam will be placed. If shade is under 75” high we cut it at 45” high and that is where the seam will be placed
  • Hem Styles: Plain-no surcharge, Rounded, Wave and Scallop with a surcharge
  • ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Order the exact measurements of each window to the 1/8th of an inch. We will take a small deduction for inside mounts to ensure a perfect fit. No deduction is taken for outside mounts.