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These designer woven roller shades are uniquely textured and naturally filter light. Get the feel of natural woven wood shade with the functionality of a roller shade. Raise or lower these shades with our cordless, continuous cord loop, or motorized options. Free Samples just click on the words "send sample."


  • Minimum width: 12" 
  • Maximum width: 70" 
  • Minimum length: 12" 
  • Maximum length: 120"
  • Made from high-quality, woven fabrics and materials
  • Made in the USA
  • ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Order the exact measurements of each window to the 1/8th of an inch. We will take a small deduction of 1/8" for inside mounts to ensure a perfect fit. No deduction is taken for outside mounts.
  • Magic Cordless Lift
  • Operates like a standard spring roller shade when lowered but will automatically raise smoothly and stop at  the top of the window the a slight "tug and release" on the bottom of the shade.
  • Built-in adjustable stop device stops shades in the correct position with a slight tub and release on the bottom of the shade.
  • Shade fabric measures 5/8" less than tip to tip measurement.
  • Inside top mounted shades will have a light gap that will vary between 1/4" to 3/4 depending on the height of the shade.
  • Available with Cassette Valance
  • Tension adjustments can be made using standard screwdriver with the side adjust bracket. To add tension, turn counter clockwise. To reduce tension, turn clockwise.
  • Spring Loaded Cordless
  • Traditional spring loaded roller operates by gently tugging on the bottom of the shade.
  • Max width 72"
  • Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization
  • Radio Frequency motor with rechargeable battery is concealed inside the roller tube. Charging port is on the end of the motor. Charger Included.
  • Will operate 6-9 months between charges based on average daily use.
  • The battery can be recharged up to 500 times and takes about 5 hours to fully charge
  • 5 Channel remote can operate up to 5 shades or 5 individual groups of shades.
  • Smart Controller works with Apple and Android Devices. Free Downloadable App. Connects to WiFi and sends signals to shades. Range of about 150 feet. Powered by Neo Smart Blinds App.